Take your photos OUT OF THE BOX & ON TO A MAP!

FotoMaps is a photo gallery built with flash and XML that lets you put your photos on a map. Choose any map you like, then place each photo at the exact location where it was taken. Zoom in and out, drag the map around, and explore your photos. Try the demo!

Displaying your photos on a map provides a fun and meaningful way to browse, and geographical context allows your photo album to tell a story. FotoMaps isnít just for photographers

and portfolios. Businesses in tourism, real estate, and advertising use it to create unique location-specific showcases. How you use it is only limited by your creativity.


Unique Map

The FotoMaps interface is 3D map that zooms, scrolls, and drags with smooth dynamic motion. Click a region to zoom closer, then click a photo to view. Itís quick, precise, and intuitive. Photos can be individual or grouped into slideshows, allowing you maximum flexibility of arrangement.

Easy to Use
& Full of Options

FotoMaps is easy to use and update, requiring no knowledge of Flash or coding. Anyone can make a FotoMap and anyone can view it. All of your photos and configuration options are controlled with external XML file, and weíve got step-by-step instructions if you ever get lost along the way.

Fotomaps Now


FotoMaps is free to use for non-commercial sites.

Download FotoMaps 2.0

FotoMaps Pro offers extra features and a commercial license, for only $29. Learn more about pro features.